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James Blunt - She will always hate me (lyrics) (03:36)
James Blunt fantasizes about a duel with ex - girlfriend (01:59)
James Blunt - Postcards piano cover (04:47)
James Blunt - Always Hate Me - (With lyrics) (03:34)
James Blunt Postcards lyrics (04:52)
James Blunt 'Face The Sun' [Unplugged] (03:52)
You're Beautiful James Blunt - Instrumental by lorenzTheobald (03:29)
James Blunt - Shine On (lyrics) (04:29)
James Blunt - THE ONlY ONE (lyrics) (03:37)
James Blunt - Postcards (lyric ) (04:46)
Heart to Heart - James Blunt - lyrics on screen (03:27)
James Blunt - Out of my mind (DEMO version) - Instrumental Cover by me (03:37)
James Blunt - Blue On Blue (04:05)
James Blunt - Sun On Sunday [Unplugged] (03:35)
James Blunt - Face the sun (lyrics version unplugged) (03:38)
James Blunt - Out Of My Mind (Instrumental Cover) (03:10)
James Blunt - I'll Be Your Man lyrics (03:35)
Face The Sun - James Blunt Piano Cover (03:43)
James Blunt - The only one (lyrics) (03:38)
James Blunt - Blue on Blue lyrics (03:45)
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