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i will exalt the one who lifted me w/ lyrics (06:53)
Sierra - I Will Exalt The One (04:14)
I will exalt the One.f4v (05:44)
Sonicflood - I Will (06:31)
I Will Exalt The One (Cover) (04:21)
I Will Exalt The One (04:08)
I Will Exalt The One, live @ FBC PSl 1/13/13 (04:04)
Nevaeh Music singing I Will Exalt the One (Sierra) at Women's Conference (03:51)
I Will Exalt the One (04:30)
Sonicflood - Shelter (04:26)
Hillsong - I will exalt You (07:24)
CJ Orndorff & 2nd Chance - live at NCCC - I Will Exalt the One (04:34)
You are the Holy one - Sonicflood (04:46)
In Your Hands by Sonicflood with lyrics (04:13)
I Want to Know You (In the Secret) by Sonicflood (04:11)
lord I lift Your Name On High - Sonicflood (04:28)
Holy And Anointed One - Sonic Flood (04:16)
SonicFlood - Resonate (03:52)
love of my life (sonicflood) (04:05)
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