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Higher Ground (1994) lorraine Stancil (08:30)
Higher Ground Quartet - Western Plains Mennonite (03:56)
Higher Ground (01:52)
Hymn Presentation 祢的爱 Cover (03:35)
Come thou fount Old - fashioned hymn sung in a Baptist Church (01:38)
Softly and Tenderly 归家 Dale Wood piano only prelude arrangement (03:19)
When We All Get to Heaven - Martha Reed Garvin (05:41)
Draw Me Nearer (02:10)
Come Unto Me by Ron Hamilton, sung by Greg Psotka (03:23)
Halyse - A last Attempt (02:29)
Just As I Am 来救上主羔羊 Clarence Kohlmann piano only prelude arrangement (02:49)
平安夜 Silent Night Holy Night Jenifer Cook piano only prelude arrangement (01:59)
ॐ 528Hz MANTRA tuned with Overtones - Transformation - Six Solfeggio Frequencies ॐ (19:37)
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (04:16)
Kudaki jalan mulia Kidung Jemaat 400 by Priscilla natio sabrina silalahi (03:52)
Casting Crowns Praise You In The Storm (04:59)
Jesus Hold My Hand (acapella) by Ric (03:51)
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Bless This House (live) (02:18)
Shekinah Glory Ministry - Praise Is What I Do (OFFICIAl ) (05:57)
To God Be the Glory - piano (02:45)
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