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Tujhya Gotivar Padla Paay....(Double Meaning Qawalli Cha Jungi Samna) Segment 2 (13:57)
Tujhi Vihir Thevtes Jhakun(Hot Double Meaning) (05:51)
Boat lavta Yete Poat(Hot Double Meaning Song) (05:03)
Ya Vanjhotya Mahshila ghari Thevu Kashal.(Double Meaning Qawalli Cha Jungi Samna) Segment 3 (15:40)
Div...Vanshala lagal Kava...(Double Meaning Qawalli Cha Jungi Samna) Segment 4 (11:31)
Baburavala Aagodar Topi Ghala...(Double Meaning Hot...) (05:05)
Cheap Bhojpuri Song - Bahiya Mei leke Dela Khacha Kach (08:05)
Upar Niche Sab Jawab Debo - Bhojpuri Double Meaning Song (08:03)
Bhauji Kaahe Churablu Ratiya Ke - Bhojpuri Double Meaning Song (06:23)
The best double meaning hindi song everAT.25&id=4f804b54130a920d (04:00)
Kabhi Chit Kabhi Pat - Double Meaning Bhojpuri Song Defaming Bhojpuri language (05:30)
Rajasthani Full Double Meaning Comedy Jokes of 2014 | Miliyo Chhed Su Chhed Niklyo Safed Safed in (08:13)
Bhauji Banwa la Machiniya I Double Meaning Hot Bhojpuri Song (04:06)
Jeans Baate Tight Kamar Kare - Hot Bhojpuri Song - Double Meaning Song (05:06)
Chadhal Jawaniya Kaile Toofan - Bhojpuri Double Meaning Song (08:15)
Ghagra Me Bhakhira Ke Jheel Ba - Bhojpuri Item Song - Double Meaning Song (05:46)
Ye Saiyan Tu Baad Me liha - Hot Bhojpuri Song - Double Meaning Song (05:10)
Bina Odhani Ke Bampilat lagelu - Hot Bhojpuri Song - Double Meaning Song (04:34)
Size Bada Niman Ba Kamar Ke - Hot Bhojpuri Song - Double Meaning Song (06:30)
Goriya Chadhal Jawani Me - Bhojpuri Double Meaning Song (03:58)
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