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Faithful love - Instrumental love Song (Cesar Manalili) (03:31)
lOVER'S GUITAR (instrumental) by Cesar Manalili (04:18)
I MISS YOU SO (instrumental) by Cesar Manalili (03:05)
Faithful love by Cesar Manalili (02:54)
All Alone Am I - Cesar Manalili (02:32)
If You love Me (Really love Me) - Cesar Manalili (02:24)
Cesar Manalili - Kumusta Ka (F.Aguilar) (04:50)
AMONG MY SOUVENIRS (instrumental) by Cesar Manalili (02:40)
Summer love - Cesar Manalili (03:21)
Can't Be With You Tonight (04:50)
Cesar Manalili - Oalay Manoc Con Taraz (02:13)
Cesar Manalili - Faithful love (D.Holmsen) (03:11)
Cesar Manalili - Summer love (Instrumental) (03:21)
Cesar Manalili - Walay Angay (02:10)
FAITHFUll lOVE (instrumental) (06:38)
Cesar Manalili - Faithful love (03:43)
Top 5 Cesar Manalili's Greatest Hits by Rockeithstah (03:35)
Faithful love (Instrumental) (09:54)
lover's Guitar - The Electromaniacs (02:29)
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