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Amir Khalvat Ft Maed - To Bekhand (03:27)
Amir Khalvat ft. Maed - To Bekhand (03:34)
Amir Khalvat Ft Maed Dir Yani Hala (03:05)
Amir Khalvat Ft Maed Adatam Dadi (03:22)
Amir Khalvat Feat Maed - Sade Rafti (03:37)
Amir Khalvat - Dir Yani Hala (Ft.Maed) || (03:05)
Amir Khalvat ft Maed Narahat Nabash (03:06)
Narahat Nabash - Amir Khalvat ft Arash Hosseini (lyrics) 2012 (03:14)
Amir Khalvat - Dastane Ma (Ft MB) (02:20)
Farid - Doostam Nadari (ft. Arsham & Amir Khalvat) (02:56)
Amir Khalvat Ft Arash Hosseini - Narahat Nabash (03:42)
Amir Khalvat Ft. Fayegh - Mashine Rap (New Song 2013) (02:16)
Amir Khalvat Ft Omid Safir - Haghighat Ine (02:50)
Amir Khalvat - To Ghavitari |New Track 2014| (02:46)
Amir Khalvat Ft Sepehr - Baz Emshab (03:27)
Amir Khalvaat & Maeed - To Bekhand (03:23)
Amir Khalvat Ft Arash Hoseini - Narahat Nabash (03:43)
Amir Khalvat Ft Mb - Dastane Maa (NEW) 2013 (02:47)
Amir Khalvat - Mibinim |New 2014| (02:50)
O.M Ft Amir Khalvat - Zendeginame (03:53)
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